In the United States

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Our Boston-based Inspire Aspire Youth Program provides mentorship to youth seeking post-secondary education and guidance to their parents. Youth face a unique set of roadblocks as they seek to further their education, and the Inspire Aspire Youth Program helps Brazilian youth in Boston navigate the process of pursuing education and higher education opportunities.

Brazilian parents often struggle to provide the support and guidance their children need to navigate the educational process as they may not understand the system in place and how it all works. We seek to fill that gap and to facilitate every student’s success toward his educational endeavors. We assist students understand the college application and admissions process, help identify potential areas of career advancement and development, and offer guidance on higher education and career steps.

Through this youth program, we help adolescents really understand their unique strengths and skill sets to identify potential career paths and academic opportunities. We help youth enhance their resumes with opportunities like volunteering, community work and services, extracurricular activities and college prep activities - all while providing emotional support as students and their families work through the struggle of finding success in their new home.